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I have never been considered an ‘average’ music fan. Music has always been a big part of my life. I remember my parents playing songs to get me to stop crying as small child. I worked at several record stores and sold pianos and keyboards for a while. I played drums in the Cleveland alternative rock band, NOTHING LIKE VAUDEVILLE. I studied music theory and songwriting in college. I graduated from The Recording Workshop and Beachwood Studios audio engineering programs. Friends often told me I should be a disk jockey or an A&R person for a record label. Several excellent producers and recording engineers I had the fortunate opportunity to learn from consistently noted I have ‘great ears’. But more than anything, the art of songwriting has always been a passion. Discovering. listening to and analyzing great songs is simply what I love best.

About 3 years ago I began to think about all the songs that truly impacted me over the years and for the first time ever I started to go back and listen to my entire music collection — records, 45’s, tapes and CD’s from around 1970 all the way through to present day. Then I began to compile and document  ‘The List’.   Songs on ‘The List’  all have a certain ‘it’ for my ears. If I were a record executive or radio program director, these are the songs that would have got the artist signed or added to the playlist rotation. These are the songs I would have loved to have written. These are the songs I listened to, replayed, analyzed so often that I may know the songs better than the original artists. There are thousands of songs on ‘The List.’

It is hard to truly define, but for my musical tastes,  a song with a certain  ‘it’ can be one of many things:  unique or catchy vocal phrasing, a great riff, interwoven melodies and instrumentation, guitar melodies that talk, beats and bass lines that won’t let your legs stand still, backing vocal harmonies, take-on-the-world lyrics, a subtle note or melody laying back in the mix, a groove with space to catch created musical overtones, and without fail, an energy and mix that build to a crescendo over the course of the song. I normally know an ‘it’ song immediately. And when I find one, I will listen, replay, dissect and analyze the song over an over and over again for a period of time, sometimes only a couple of days but more often weeks or months. The song becomes a permanent part of me, then the search for the next  ‘it’ song continues. A great song with the ‘it’ factor does not always mean it is popular. I love trying to find the great songs that have been overlooked or before the song works it way up the charts when the band/artist is not a well known name.

I personally miss the consistent human element of going to record stores and flipping through the racks to see what strikes you. Talking with the clerks and other music lovers to learn about cool new artists, songs, and releases. Hearing a song blasting over the speaker system and thinking to yourself “who is that”. Regardless, everything evolves and it is now easier then ever to gain access and listen to new bands and artists – which led me to create GREATSONGSNEVERDIE.COM. My goal for this music blog is to be a simple, modern-day resource to share new musical ‘gems’ I am finding and adding to ‘The List.’ I hope to create positive exposure for cool tunes and upcoming or under-the-radar artists/bands. Plus share some older favorites from ‘The List’. So for music fans who love to discover, I am here to share and let you decide for yourself. Hopefully you’ll  find many, many new favorites.

Now let’s get started . . . .

Whether you’re a fan of Bruce Springsteen or not, I highly recommend SPRINGSTEEN ON BROADWAY (available on CD and Netflix) which captures his recently completed concert residency at the Walter Kerr Theatre in NYC. The string of 236 intimate live performances featured The Boss with just an acoustic guitar, piano, and harmonica. Bruce’s abilities as a master wordsmith and storyteller create an incredibly engaging experience. Personal stories behind his life and songs, which are both sung and shared as spoken-word, are so skillfully descriptive that you feel as though you were there for every step of his journey. “The Rising” is the musical highlight for me. Without the instrumentation of his E. Street Band, the stripped-back song shines with only Bruce’s voice and emotionally-stunning guitar melody – which makes me wish I never quit the guitar after only one lesson in 3rd grade.

Sounds more like Journey than Journey: Best track off singer Steve Perry’s new solo record TRACES and could have appeared on any classic Journey album. Co-written with and featuring the incredible guitar playing of former Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie guitarist John 5. And when your song needs the best ‘hard driving’ rock-n-roll back beat in the business you hire former Replacements drummer and studio session extraordinaire, Joeh Freese, to lay it down. Well done Mr. Perry thinking outside the box and enlisting a couple of very talented alternative / industrial rock vets.

Country singer/songwriter A.C. Jones, a native of Canfield, Ohio, began making a name for herself fronting Amanda Jones and the Family Band. The hard-working Youngstown-area band has performed live consistently throughout NE Ohio, Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia for several years and has opened for acts including Kentucky Headhunters, Branch and Dean, Marty Stuart, and The Oak Ridge Boys. In May 2017, Jones, a classically-trained vocalist, signed a record deal with SSM Nashville. Her new single “Mr. Moon” was released last month and has been receiving increased radio airplay across the country — appearing on the COUNTRY BREAKOUT “Most Added” chart in MusicRow, Nashville’s leading music industry trade publication. Check her out . . .

When The Kinks front-man Ray Davies turned 13, his oldest sister Rene, who was 31 at the time, bought him his very first guitar as a birthday gift. That same night, while visiting from her home in Canada, she went dancing at the Lyceum Ballroom in London. Due to a weak heart from childhood rheumatic fever, Rene suffered a fatal heart attack and died at the ballroom. Twenty-five years later, Davies wrote “Come Dancing” filled with memories of his sister and her love of dancing. The song, recorded for their STATE OF CONFUSION (1983) album, reached #6 on Billboard and became one of the band’s highest charting singles.

Long-time radio programmer John Gorman was responsible for making Cleveland’s WMMS one of the country’s best stations back in its heyday. Gorman eventually grew critical of traditional radio and in 2015 created oWOW Radio, a Cleveland internet station that is locally owned, operated, and programmed. The format is a diverse blend of both new and timeless rock. The coolest part is 20% of oWOW’s playlist features local indie bands/artists – something virtually unheard of on commercial radio in this town. Found a new favorite by Cleveland-based Falling Stars – a great track produced by Mitch Easter & Don Dixon (early R.E.M production team.) Honestly though, just the fact the band was formed as result of rock-vets Tim Parnin (Cobra Verde, Sweet Apple) and Chris Allen (Rosavelt) jamming Replacements covers at a local tribute show was good enough reason for me to get onboard.