Tell a Lie – Sinomatic (2001)

Posted: October 8, 2012 in 2001
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Power-pop rock song with an alternative edge. Nothing overly original, but well-done rock song formula,  production, and full sound. Sometimes only part of a song makes it a favorite – on ‘Tell a Lie’ the vocal phasing in the verses and driving guitar that kicks in the middle of the verses are components that elevate the song from just average to ‘I HAVE TO HEAR THAT AGAIN’.  Unfortunately never heard from this band again — I believe they were dropped by record label due to lack of sales. I often wonder how song like this can not be all over the radio. It kills me when I hear radio stations preach “we play anything” and it is the same songs that have been played on the radio for the last 30-plus years. If you really play anything,  then play this song.

Back in 2005, there was a TV Show called ROCKSTAR INXS, where the Australian Band INXS looked to replace original lead singer, Michael Hutchence who passed away in 1997. I would have loved to see Sinomatic lead singer, Ken Cooper get an opportunity at that gig, I always thought his vocals and phrasing had a Michael Hutchence-like quality to them and imagine his voice could have worked well on the original INXS material.

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