“Blue Island” – Enuff Z’Nuff (1991)

Posted: October 10, 2012 in 1991
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This Chicago-born band hit the scene toward the end of the 80’s hair-band era. EZN is a personal favorite band of mine because of the primary songwriting team of singer Donnie Vie and bass player Chip Z Nuff. Vie’s strong, trippy and semi-raspy vocals combined with great hooks and melodies, harmony backing vocals,  solid 2 and 4 drumming, and sharp guitar licks made EZN one of the best bands from that era and so much more. Unlike many of the hard-rock bands from 1980’s and early 1990’s, EZN has continued to turn out songs and releases for over 20 years and developed a strong and consistent following in Japan. Heavily influenced by The Beatles, the versatile EZN adds their own modern-day mark to the great songwriting formulas of their idols. Masterful attention to detail in their songwriting and production mixes. “Blue Island” from their second release STRENGTH, is one highlight and example of this success, but be sure to dig deeper into their collection.


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