Back in the late 80’s I could not have envisioned any real connection between Guns N Roses and The Psychedelic Furs. But in 1992, one of the coolest voices in rock, The Furs singer Richard Butler formed LOVE SPIT LOVE, a new band with Furs bassist (and brother) Tim Butler, guitarist Richard Fortus and drummer Frank Ferrer. The band released LOVE SPIT LOVE in 1994 and TRYSOME EATSOME in 1997. Both are excellent. With such a distinctive voice it would be impossible not to sound like The Psychedelic Furs. Love Spit Love brings the melodic alternative rock  sound of The Furs with an overall harder edge.  The musicianship of Fortus and Ferrer, along with a few excellent session players,  for the well-crafted songs of the Butler Brothers seems to be the key element. Fortus also co-wrote several of the songs with Richard Butler.

On the perfectly paced ‘Am I Wrong’ from their debut, guitar melodies mix with Butler’s vocals of being lost and struggling in life that seem to come more from a place of matter-of-fact awareness and surrender rather than sadness. Keyboard/string notes underneath beautifully heighten the song’s emotion. I love the simple structure of the song without a lot of musical changes or any true chorus — just the repeated line /Goodbye, lay the blame on luck/. 

Interestingly, Fortus and Ferrer went on the become members of the new creation of Guns N Roses, along with my favorite bass player Tommy Stinson, formerly of The Replacements. While I agree, the original line up and success of GNR can never be matched or duplicated, I laugh when some people naively assume Axl Rose just continued the band with a bunch of unknown hack musicians.  All of these guys all have been making great music for many, many years.

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