Say Something – Beecher’s Fault (2013)

Posted: January 24, 2014 in 2013, Songs By Year
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One of the absolute thrills allows me is the opportunity to hear new songs and artists that I most likely would have never come across without people recommending them to me, or often the artist/band contacting me directly and asking me to give a listen. Even though I am very selective about who can make ‘The List’, I usually jump at the chance because the only way to find great new songs, especially from under-the-radar artists and bands, is to listen to as much as possible.

When the listening uncovers a real gem it is always very satisfying. The latest gem is from Beecher’s Fault, a New York based band playing what I would call ‘Intelligent Pop/Rock music’. I do not know exactly why but I can always identify a New York City rock band — there is always an ‘artsy-ness’ to them and the musicianship is normally top-notch and clean. This does not automatically translate to creating a great song, but for Beecher’s Fault 2013 song ‘Say Something’ it does. They prove to have the fine NYC musical qualities and, more importantly, the songwriting skills to match.

On the intriguing ‘Say Something’, the band from Astoria captured me with an inviting groove and the elegently-simple chorus. I absolutely love the unique keyboard sound. A nice backing vocal on the chorus is another highlight element to the song. [Young bands take notice — a contrasting or higher pitch backing harmony elevates a key line in the verses or chorus. It is an effective tool for a song, but somewhere back in the 90’s, it started to get sidelined more in song recordings compared to the previous decades of rock music].

Beecher’s Fault has a real clear-mindedness in their approach to lyrics and music, which produces a great result on ‘Say Something’ and a new favorite tune of mine. See if you don’t find yourself humming the melody and singing the lyrics to yourself after a couple listens.

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