“Peace of Mind” – G.S. Harper (2014)

Posted: August 6, 2014 in 2014, Songs By Year
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I found a little bit of Nashville in Cleveland recently. Actually G.S. Harper originally hails from Texas but his songs sure sound as good as anything coming out of Nashville. The Cleveland-based singer/songwriters’ new CD SIXTEEN WINTERS showcases songs written over his last 16 years on the North Coast of Ohio. Supported by a Kickstarter campaign which helped finance the release,  SIXTEEN WINTERS is an extremely warm recording that perfectly captures the strong, mainly autobiographical songwriting of Harper. At times his voice reminds me of Steve Earle. You can define it and call it country but Harper’s lyrical storytelling and the terrifically blended synergy of the band remove any genre barriers and make his music equally satisfying for a more rock-based fan like me.

“Peace of Mind” is an immediate highlight off the CD. The mid-tempo song is filled with piano and organ melodies continuously filling holes throughout the song, but leaving enough space for the harmonious acoustic guitar rhythm and Harper’s vocals to remain front and center. The subtle staccato rhythm guitar melody through the verses make the song for me – a love simple little nuances like this that elevate songs.  Notice the short but pleasing and perfectly placed  guitar solo, and how the song finishes out on a musical high-note with all the interweaving instrumentation melodies. There are several other favorites on SIXTEEN WINTERS including “Fifteen Winters”, “Ponderosa Breeze,  and “Farther Down the Road”.

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