“Take Me to a Higher Plane” – Kate Nash (2010)

Posted: February 13, 2017 in 2010
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When I first heard Kate Nash years ago, I initially could not get the visual and voice of English comedian Catherine Tate out of my head. I was a big fan of the hilarious Catherine Tate Show, which was a British sketch comedy that ran on BBC from 2004-2007. Often the British accent disappears when singing but not the case with Kate Nash, one of my favorite artists. She writes her own songs, plays piano, guitar, bass and even drums on some tracks. But it is her U.K. accented vocal style along with her colorful, opinionated, and pointed lyrics that give her songs such great personality. While I think she probably does not appeal to everyone, and is more an acquired taste, it cannot be argued that she is an original and intriguing performer. We need more of that these days. Nash is a graduate of The BRIT School, a highly selective Performing Arts school in South London notable for its famous alumni that includes Adele and Amy Winehouse. Here’s an energetic one from her second record MY BEST FRIEND IS YOU (2010).

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