About GSND

My name is Tom O’Malley and GSND is my music blog where I write about songs and songwriters: past, present and maybe even future if they have what is takes. I am a music geek and spent five straight months documenting a mega playlist (‘The List’) of over 1,800 songs. Starting from when I was just three years old to now in my fifties, I sifted through my entire music collection to quantity exactly what songs had the biggest impact on me, and are my ‘best of the best’ discoveries. Keep checking back to GREATSONGSNEVERDIE.COM and join the GREATSONGSNEVERDIE Facebook Group where I share backstories about the songs and songwriters on ‘The List’. It’s a continuous musical journey covering over five decades of music — from the late 60s to today’s current releases. Hope you find something new to enjoy. And most importantly . . . Who’s On Your List?

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