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Andrew Gold started his career in Linda Ronstadt’s band in the early 70s, and produced, arranged, and wrote songs on scores of records for many successful pop/rock and country artists. He made a name for himself as a solo artist with the hits “Lonely Boy” (always loved this track from 70s radio in CLE!) and “Thank You for Being a Friend”, which was later used as theme song for 80s sitcom The Golden Girls. Gold also penned the opening theme “Final Frontier” for popular 90s TV show, Mad About You. But amazingly his most widespread musical impact came unexpectedly when his children’s novelty song “Spooky, Scary Skeletons”, first released in 1996, became a viral phenomenon and anthem for Gen Z in the 2010s — inspiring extended dance mixes, Halloween-themed memes, and TikTok and YouTube videos receiving several billion combined views.