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For years I have tried to become a fan of Radiohead but with the exception of their 1993 hit “Creep”, the critically-acclaimed band just had never struck a chord with me. So the first time I heard “True Love Waits“ come on Sirius XM, I almost immediately turned it off. Luckily, I gave the song, which has been performed live since 1995 but only recently appeared on a Radiohead studio release, a chance. I find the stripped-down closing track from their A MOON SHAPED POOL (2016) record absolutely mesmerizing.

An interesting side note: due to musical similarities between Radiohead’s “Creep” and “The Air That I Breath”, a song written by English songwriters Albert Hammond and Mike Hazlewood and recorded by The Hollies In 1971, Hammond and Hazlewood are now credited as co-writers of “Creep.” The longer rock-n-roll goes on and with only so many chord progressions to go around, everything eventually sounds like something else.

True Love Waits – Radiohead (A Moon Shaped Pool) from Finn Callan on Vimeo.