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Songwriters who are the most impactful always seem to write songs that come from a different place. It’s still words and music put together but they carry an emotional-intensity and meaning that rise up from somewhere deep and personal in the songwriter’s soul. It’s real. And you can feel it when you listen. “Anything at All”, by Cleveland-based alt-folk rock group Maura Rogers and The Bellows, has that. The down-home Americana song off their new album ALWAYS is soulful with fine accordion work and a strong vocal performance by Rogers whose voice hints of a Stevie Nicks influence. The lush backing vocal harmonies make the song.

The incredible backstory of this group though is how Maura Rogers, born with one kidney, struggled with kidney function for many years, becoming very ill and in need of a kidney transplant. When she placed an ad on Craigslist in 2011 looking for an accordion player to add to her band, Rogers found Meredith Pangrace — not only her new accordion player, but a soon-to-be friend who miraculously had the same blood type and was the best medical match to donate the kidney needed to save her life. Which is exactly what happened on August 8, 2012. Backed by a masterful band, which includes Cleveland legend blues guitarist Al Moses, the close bond between Rogers and Pangrace shines through their music. Great Songs Never Die, indeed.


The Counting Crows debut album, AUGUST AND EVERYTHING AFTER was released in 1993 and included fan favorites “Mr. Jones”, “Round Here” and “Rain King.” Even though its original lyrics were featured on the front cover, the song “August and Everything After” was oddly not included on the album – simply because it was never finished . . . until now, over two decades later. The lyrics have been re-written by singer Adam Duritz, the song was arranged with composer Vince Mendoza and performed with the London Studio Orchestra – here is the completed, lengthy title-track . . .