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Soul Asylum originated from the same Minneapolis music scene that thankfully gave us The Replacements and Husker Du in the 80’s. While Dave Pirner & Company did not have had the same overall musical influence as Bob Mould and Paul Westerberg did with their respective bands, Soul Asylum definitely has been more commercially successful.  Their 1992 release GRAVE DANCERS UNION marched up the charts with hits ‘Somebody to Shove’ and ‘Black Gold’,  and then exploded with ‘Runaway Train’  which led to a Grammy for the modern-rock band.

Despite their multi-platinum success in 1992/1993, GREAT SONGS NEVER  DIE has to fast-forward a bit to the track ‘Just Like Anyone’  from their 1995 release LET YOUR DIM LIGHT SHINE. The energy and attitude of this hard-driving song captures Soul Asylum at the top of their game. The entire release has such a full and warm sound. I think Sterling Campbell on drums made a huge difference bringing a solid foundation to the band. Plus, Butch Vig with his outstanding production. [Butch is drummer for the band Garbage and produced Nirvana’s mega-seller NEVERMIND].

Accented drum hits, open hi-hats time-keeping, and guitar support the verses of ‘Just Like Anyone’  leaving you on edge just waiting for the chorus to kick in. Take a deep breath if you want to sing along because Pirner does not pause during the chorus as he tells the elegant story of a girl in an outhouse contemplating life. Using a series of homophones, the lyrics continually push the song forward along with the late Karl Mueller’s great bass line that closely mirrors the vocal melody and phrasing.

The band is still making music having released a new studio effort, DELAYED REACTION, this past summer. Unfortunately, guitarist Dan Murphy, who has been will the band since 1983, recently announced he was leaving the band. Also be sure to check out their 2006 release THE SILVER LINING with ‘Bus Named Desire’, ‘Lately’, and ‘Good For You’ as the stand-out tunes; plus their more recent DELAY REACTION in 2012 and my favorite track ‘Pipe Dream’.