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Long-time radio programmer John Gorman was responsible for making Cleveland’s WMMS one of the country’s best stations back in its heyday. Gorman eventually grew critical of traditional radio and in 2015 created oWOW Radio, a Cleveland internet station that is locally owned, operated, and programmed. The format is a diverse blend of both new and timeless rock. The coolest part is 20% of oWOW’s playlist features local indie bands/artists – something virtually unheard of on commercial radio in this town. Found a new favorite by Cleveland-based Falling Stars – a great track produced by Mitch Easter & Don Dixon (early R.E.M production team.) Honestly though, just the fact the band was formed as result of rock-vets Tim Parnin (Cobra Verde, Sweet Apple) and Chris Allen (Rosavelt) jamming Replacements covers at a local tribute show was good enough reason for me to get onboard.