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Years ago, I was with my wife (then girlfriend) Maryana at an old Pizzeria Uno restaurant in Beachwood, Ohio. At another table in close proximity were a young couple who I noticed repeatedly looking over at us and whispering between themselves. After about ten minutes, the young man stood up, sheepishly walked over to our table, and very nervously asked me “Are you Mike Mills from R.E.M?” A little stunned, I responded “no” and joked with him saying “but I am the drummer for Cleveland-based alternative band, Nothing Like Vaudeville.” Unimpressed, he returned to his table and broke the disappointing news to his female friend. Oh well, here’s my absolute favorite from R.E.M. – music was written by the real Mike Mills and recorded at Criteria Studios in Miami. Supposedly, the piano he played on this track was the same one Derek and the Dominos used when they recorded “Layla.” The beautiful string arrangement on “Nightswimming” was done by former Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones. This one ranks at the top of my ‘Songs You Cannot Hear Too Many Times’ list.