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“Song For Someone” – U2 (2015)

Posted: March 1, 2017 in 2015
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American music producer Rick Rubin has never produced a U2 record but he did have a major influence on their last album SONGS OF INNOCENCE. When working with the band a few years back on some unreleased tracks, Rubin declared to Bono that U2 uses their skill at sculpting their unique soundscapes “to disguise the fact that you don’t have a song.” He challenged them to write more traditionally structured songs that would work stripped down with just voice and piano or guitar. Bono admits “Someone like Adele makes better records than everyone else because her songs are better, and I’m embarrassed next to someone like Carole King, unless I can come up with something that’s as raw as some of her great songs.” The positive result of Rubin’s harsh critique and return back to ‘songwriting school’ for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame band is perfectly captured in “Some For Someone”.

1980’s alternative/new-wave band from Wales.  The Alarm was often compared to U2 in the early and mid-eighties and opened for U2 on parts of their WAR Tour in 1983. I had a friend who loved The Alarm and I kept wanting to like them, but nothing I heard ever grabbed me . Like Coldplay, I considered The Alarm as ‘U2-Lite’. But years later after “borrowing” the cassette from my wife’s music collection, I discovered ‘Spirit of ’76’ from the Alarm’s 1985 release STRENGTH. Oddly structured but catchy, raw, and anthem-like, the song warrants the early comparisons to now legendary U2. The song’s warm piano melodies and Mike Peters storied lyrics of past friendships immediately pull you in for the songs journey. The intro piano melodies transfer to the guitar perfectly for the course of the song, then both share the melodies toward the end. A definite 80’s sound and recording. Fans of 80’s music who are not familiar with The Alarm should give a listen.