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After lead guitarist Mick Ronson left David Bowie’s Spiders From Mars backing band in 1973, Bowie recorded most of the guitars himself for his DIAMOND DOGS (1974) album, which included the classic track “Rebel, Rebel”. One night several years later, Bowie was in a London hotel room trying to get some sleep around 11 or 12 at night. Above him he heard someone repeatedly trying to play the riff to “Rebel, Rebel” on electric guitar – and very badly. “Who the hell is doing this at this time of night?” he thought. Bowie marched upstairs to show the person how to play the damn thing. He banged on the door. When it opened he saw John McEnroe — the tennis great, who was in London playing at Wimbledon. Bowie told him: “Come on down and have a drink, just don’t bring your guitar . .”